We were approached with the task of analyzing the current SEO strategy that the client has been adhering to for the past two years of their promotion. The issue was that over 90% of the website’s organic traffic was brand-driven.


Establishment of a link-building strategy, Optimization of website content with relevant data, Resolution of technical issues on the website.

About the client

The primary focus of the company is to assist with the automation of your processes. Full-fledged test management that is focused on automation in accordance with project

A semantic core was compiled for the purpose of analyzing visibility and competitors, and based on this core, the website's visibility in the main promotion regions

was assessed.

A comprehensive technical audit was conducted, and technical tasks were compiled to address identified errors.

Through competitive analysis, it was determined that there are common elements that characterize search engine leaders:

• Precise thematic focus: Applicable to all websites except informational resources.

• A wide range of offered services: Competitor websites rank at the top of search results due to a large number of offerings and mentions of services and products, as

well as a high level of commercial potential.

• Internal optimization: Well-developed structure is present among all competitors, with high-level user experience (UX).

• Backlink profile: A well-executed strategy for link-building and the selection of donor websites.

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